90 Day Rollout Challenge for newly trained PI Practitioners (PIPs)

The 90 Day Rollout Challenge is a proactive and fun way of rolling out PI within your organization.  The goal of the challenge is to fully rollout PI within your organization with a minimum of 3 individuals who have not been through Inspirit Growth™’s PI Training.  Following this rollout we will give you direction through this process and provide you with a holistic view of the PI platform and the ways you can utilize this to energize your business by having everyone working smarter and closer together.

PI Survey Completion

Each employee receives an invitation to complete the Predictive Index Survey for increased self-awareness.


  1. Software Walkthrough – Watch our detailed Predictive Index Software Walkthrough
  2. Login – Login to the Predictive Index® system and explore the software.  There are many video tutorials that can be found on the right side on the home page in PI Classic.
    1. Predictive Index Login link:  https://accesspi.piworldwide.com/
    2. On the Inspirit Growth Website, go to to “PI Login” Link on the top right: http://inspiritgrowth.com/
  3. Support Login
  4. PI Introduction – Send an “Introduction to Predictive Index®” to your entire company, if appropriate.

PI Read Back

The PI Read Back form is completed by the Certified PI Practitioner and the PI results are read back to the employee.

Personal Development Chart

Each employee receives customized self-coaching guidelines and tips to take clearer initiative in better performing their responsibilities at a higher level based on their natural abilities and company expectations.


Each employee receives a Placard which displays their PI Behavioral Pattern with key characteristics they are likely to display in the workplace. Employees can display the Placard in their office or cubicle to give co-workers tips on how to best interact with them.

Job Assessment Completion

Each employee, their manager and 1-2 other key employees familiar with the position receive an invitation to complete the Job Assessment for the employee’s position to create greater clarity around the expected behaviors for her/his scope of responsibilities.

Job Pattern Creation

the Certified PI Practitioner compares the Job Assessments to identify any inconsistencies, meet with employee and manager to discuss the position and create the finalized Job Pattern by following these instructions to the right.

PI / Job Pattern Comparison

The PI and Job Patterns are then compared to identify consistencies or any gaps in an effort to increase employee enthusiasm and address any concerns.

Coaching / Interview Guide Creation

The PI Practitioner prints the auto-populated, customized Coaching Guide or Interview Guide (in the event of a recruiting candidate) from the PI system. This is done by selecting the employee or candidate’s PI and the Job Pattern.

Scorecard Completion

Managers, employees and peers score themselves on how well they are working with one another.

  • Manager’s Scorecard – to help managers self-assess how they are managing each of your employees
  • Working with Your Manager Scorecard – to help employees self-assess how they are influencing or managing upwad
  • Peer Scorecard – to help employees determine how they are doing working with peers or other members of the team

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