The Inspired Company™ Coaching Programs

Ignite business and personal growth breakthroughs.


The Predictive Index®
Ignite self-awareness and unleash natural ability for you and your team.


Life Balancing Breakthrough™
Inspire your bigger and bolder future by defining your priorities and purpose in life and creating your expanded life plan.


Leadership Breakthrough™
Discover your Predict-Abilities™ and exude the qualities of your own inspiring leadership.


Employee Engagement Breakthrough™
Empower your employees to play into their natural strengths and outperform based on Predict-Abilities™.


Execution Breakthrough™
Energize self-coached teams to execute more effectively on any initiative to achieve performance breakthroughs.

Life Balancing Breakthrough™

Inspire a bigger and bolder future.

Break free from the “Tyranny of the Urgent”. Expand your entrepreneurial freedom.

If you don’t have a plan, you don’t have clear direction. Without clear direction you’re not on your right path. Simplify the complexity of business and life by capturing foundational personal insights that better guide your path. Through The Life Balancing Breakthrough™ you set clear lifetime goals and create a bolder life plan that provides for heightened self-awareness, self-renewal and increased freedom. We do not need to look outside of ourselves for what we want in life. Complete the “Masters in You” program for a life well lived and let your life and business unfold with a new norm of clarity, purpose and joy.

Leadership Breakthrough™

Identify and unleash the essentials of your own inspiring leadership.

Ignite the leader within.

The path to inspiring leadership in the closely held business is not the same as it is in corporate America. Most closely held business leaders spend too much time working “in the business” rather than “on the business.” Through The Leadership Breakthrough™, gain a deeper understanding of your predictable leadership behavior. Leveraging this remarkable insight, you learn how to strategically self-coach to better understand what is most essential for you to be a leader that inspires resourceful, resilient, re-energized teams and to define your leadership legacy.

Employee Engagement Breakthrough™

Empower and inspire your employees to self-coach and outperform.

Inspire tenacious employee engagement that fosters retention, profitable productivity and an inspired culture.

Business owners and managers constantly ask themselves, do we have the right people in the right roles for where the business is going? But they don’t have a system to validate this or the time to implement one. The Employee Engagement Breakthrough™ is a series of simple, common sense, insight-gaining steps.  Empower your team to predict life-long natural behaviors, self-coach to higher awareness, ignite actions for better business results, align their position descriptions, benefit from customized coaching guides, set clear goals and be inspired by “internal coaches” rather than evaluated by managers.

Execution Breakthrough™

Invest in self-coached team performance that returns financially impactful and personally rewarding results.

Resourceful, resilient, re-energized teams… it’s in the “How”!

At a time when the “tyranny of the urgent” challenges us to think more critically than ever, be razor-focused and results-driven, we need our teams to better balance what they do to achieve self-coached performance breakthroughs. It’s not simply the “what” but most importantly, the “how” and the “when”. The Execution Breakthrough™ helps teams easily collaborate on any type of project, initiative or problem from beginning to end. With the right critical thinking tools and an understanding on how to use them in a trusted, connected system, teams can efficiently self-manage to better, measurable business results.

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