Management Strategy Guide (MSG)

Tool Description

Management Strategy Guide (MSG) – helps managers become better coaches and employees ‘manage up’ by self-assessing how well they are motivating the other in their day to day responsibilities based on their natural behavioral profile.  This tool is a great tool to consistently use with a fellow employee because it brings clarity to a working relationship and provides Actionable items that both parties are responsible for to make both the best versions of themselves, in turn making them the best version of a team.

The 4 Factors


Dominance: The drive to exert one’s influence on people or events Patience: The drive for consistency and stability
Extraversion: The drive for social interaction with other people Formality: The drive to conform to rules and structure


“How does PI apply… in my role?”

  1. WHAT can the Management Strategy Guide (MSG) do for me?   Data
  2. WHY is this essential and valuable to me?  Data
  3. HOW would I apply these insights in my role and life?  Data
  4. WHO benefits from applying these insights?   Data
  5. WHEN is the best time to apply these insights?   Data

“Ignite Awareness. Unleash Talent Optimization.”

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