Personal Development Chart (PDC)

Tool Description

Personal Development Chart (PDC) – this 2-page report displays the highlights of my behavioral Drives and Needs as well as Self-Coaching Tips for me to be more productive in my specific roles and responsibilities.  These insights are uniquely capable of helping me stay focused on how I work best, what I should do to ensure I don’t “over rotate” and help me maintain a balance of my natural behavioral style in a variety of situations.

The 4 Factors


Dominance: The drive to exert one’s influence on people or events Patience: The drive for consistency and stability
Extraversion: The drive for social interaction with other people Formality: The drive to conform to rules and structure


“How does PI apply… in my role?”

  1. WHAT can the Personal Development Chart (PDC) do for me?   It provides powerful self-coaching insights that can be applied on a daily basis in my roles and responsibilities. These insights are customized for my 4 Drives of Dominance, Extraversion, Patience and Formality. It not only identifies what I need to be aware of in terms of my unique Strengths and Cautions but it does it in practical and real ways that I can relate to.
  2. WHY is this essential and valuable to me?  It keeps top of mind how I will act in any situation, allowing me to pivot and adjust quickly, understandably and with the right actions.
  3. HOW would I apply these insights in my role and life?  Review this Tool Insight periodically when things are going well, when there is a bump in the road, when I have doubts about something or if I want to be sure I am at the top of my game when needed. It will also apply in hindsight after an interaction with my team, peer, manager, etc.
  4. WHO benefits from applying these insights?   Me!!
  5. WHEN is the best time to apply these insights?   Every chance I get.

“Ignite Awareness. Unleash Talent Optimization.”

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