Featuring Chris Cumo, Co-Founder and Principal of Proxus HCM Outsourcing Services

Have you ever managed someone and thought, “I am just not getting through to this person!”?
Is there a high-performer that seems to conquer every challenge thrown their way?
Do you have a team member that continues to baffle you in what makes them tick?

The Predictive Index helps you to understand what drives your people… with science. During this webinar with Predictive Index client Chris Cumo, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about:

  • Skinny Patterns: What it means and how to work with a “skinny” pattern
  • Job Fit: The importance of Job Fit and the role it plays with your Angels and Devils
  • Coaching: Best practice ideas for better coaching by understanding your team members’ natural drives and needs

With the science-based methodology of The Predictive Index, you no longer have to rely on observation or trial and error! Decode the complexities of your people so you can engage them more effectively. You will be glad you did.

Watch the Webinar:

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