Featuring Karen Byrd and Eric Stamps of Colonial Volkswagon Subaru

We often make the analogy that using The Predictive Index is like playing Moneyball. Why? Until we had The Predictive Index, we did not have this data or the ability to understand our people through the lens of behavior. We relied on conversations and observation of behavior to find the “right fit”.

In this Webinar with Certified Practitioners Eric Stamps and Karen Byrd of Colonial Volkswagon Subaru, you’ll learn how you can use the scientifically-validated data of The Predictive Index to make informed decisions about your team and put people into positions of strength.  As the owner and general manager of Colonial, Eric and Karen share how they have leveraged PI to get employees into the right seats and coach their team members based on unique drives and needs.


Watch the Webinar:

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Quickkkkk Tip of the Month (3:12)
  • Pro tips for activating the Predictive Index within your organization (4:29)
  • How Colonial Subaru let employees know about PI (10:49)
  • How readbacks helped Karen to identify and understand challenges with employees (12:08)
  • Why PI helped move a struggling Business Development Center rep into a thriving Finance Manager (14:29)
  • Understanding an individual’s strengths led to a more productive and happier employee (18:46)
  • Looking internally for your “best fit” candidates using The Predictive Index (21:20 / 23:40)
  • A visual look at using PI and Coaching Guides to find the “best fit” employee (23:20)
  • Why you need to have a champion to make Predictive Index successful (Eric Stamps, Owner, Colonial Volkswagon Subaru) (30:37)
  • How Eric uses PI in the hiring process (31:35) and gives readbacks to candidates and their significant others (33:30)
  • Eric’s measurements of success with his new sales hires. “We really feel it’s been a tremendous benefit having this additional level of insight”. (32:39)
  • From hiring out of desperation to hiring the right people (33:48)
  • “You can’t make a change like this without having buy in and I’m lucky Karen and my team have bought into it…. Now it’s just the way we do business here” (34:45)
  • The continual learning of The Predictive Index and how Eric uses it to coach employees through challenging scenarios (36:07)

Eric Stamps, Owner of Colonial Volkswagon Subaru

Karen Byrd, General Manager, Colonial Volkswagon Subaru