You may call it sales, business development, practice management, etc. Whatever you call it, we know it is critical to the success of your business. We hire sales professionals thinking that we’re hiring winners but the reality is that low and average performers make up 80% of the team. And the top 20% of producers deliver over 60% of revenues.

So what about everyone else? Why aren’t they performing? The answer is in their natural and predictable behavior. In this webinar, we explore 5 All Star Sales Patterns and break down their unique drives, needs and behaviors. While the differences between your top 20% and bottom 20% are not observable, with the power of Predictive Index, you can unlock the mystery of understanding and inspiring the players on your team.

Watch our webinar with John Hopkins, Inspirit Growth founder and growth coach, as we focus on leveraging The Predictive Index to drive sales team performance.

Watch the Webinar:

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