Reference Profile (Manager)

Tool Description

Reference Profile (Manager) – Reference Profile (Manager) provides insights for how a manager can coach and mentor an employee based on their Reference Profile.  A peer would obtain the Reference Profile (Manager) of another individual that they would like to manage or manage up too.  This tool includes reference data including a definition and the average pattern of the Reference Profile and this profile’s Needs and Behaviors.  This tools drills down on how to work with this profile/person by providing on Motives/Recognition, Providing Direction/Feedback, Delegation, and ways to Coach them.  This is extremely valuable information and can be shared with this individual to start great dialog, validate, and to make sure there is total alignment.

The 4 Factors


Dominance: The drive to exert one’s influence on people or events Patience: The drive for consistency and stability
Extraversion: The drive for social interaction with other people Formality: The drive to conform to rules and structure


Reference Profiles

Social Profiles

Stabilizing Profiles

Persistent Profiles

Analytical Profiles

“How does PI apply… in my role?”

  1. WHAT can the Reference Profile (Manager) do for me?   It provides me with insights on how to work with another individual on several different levels. The Motives/Recognition, Providing Direction/Feedback, Delegation, and Coaching Tips are the key by providing me with insights on how to work with the other individual in question.
  2. WHY is this essential and valuable to me?  By utilizing this page, I and bringing my self-awareness to the next level. This will help the productivity and the effectiveness of communication between me and my peer.
  3. HOW would I apply these insights in my role and life?  These insights would make me an effective co-worker by being able to effectively work with each of my peers based on their own drives, needs, and behaviors.
  4. WHO benefits from applying these insights?   Me and my co-workers would benefit greatly from the utilization of this tool.  It would make for a better work environment, clearer communication, and for increased productivity.
  5. WHEN is the best time to apply these insights?   At any time.  This tool can be reference before, during, or after an interaction with any of your co-workers.

“Ignite Awareness. Unleash Talent Optimization.”

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