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The life balancing breakthrough

What is the Life Balancing Breakthrough?

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Your Life Strategy:

The Life Balancing Breakthrough™

The Life Balancing Breakthrough – this wisdom based program facilitates your Purpose in Life, an aspirational Vision for your future, and a compelling commitment to Giving Back/Paying it Forward. You gain full clarity on your Highest Priorities in Life. Your “Ethos” or personal core values will be defined to become part of your family legacy. You will envision a 20-year inspiring future. Once completed, you will have launched into a lifetime of ongoing reflection, renewal, and rejuvenation which are keys to self-mastery.

What is most important to you In Life?

Develop your:

Map your own visions and plans to expand your life’s potential, and in the process force selectivity on where and what is most essential, most rewarding, and most fulfilling.


Determine your:


We must give up some old things to make room for the new things we desire. In being clear about what we specifically want and don’t want, we attract the things we desire in our lives.

Discover your:

This knowledge helps you manage yourself better…now that’s an admirable goal! It gets you focused on what you naturally do best…and not.


After recently going through a significant business transaction, I felt it was important to re-center my work and life balance. I’ve worked with John for over 5 years and it was the perfect time evaluate the next chapter in my life. John’s Life Balancing Breakthrough program challenged me to take a deeper look into all area of my life and making sure I pay attention to those areas that sometime don’t get the attention they deserve. I’ve focused on my career for the past 25years and need to have more balance going forward.

– Dan Wagner, Storti Services

The Life Balancing Breakthrough was an amazing experience.  I learned a great deal about myself and now have a playbook to help me achieve the goals I set for my life.  I strongly recommend this program to anyone who has ever wondered what their purpose in life is and what they’re missing.  

– Lance Rogers, Managing Partner, Rogers Councel

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