The Inspired Teams Playbook™

Build Basics, Build Accuracy, Build Confidence, Build Competency, Build Awareness, Build Trust, and Increase Impact.

The Inspired Teams Playbook

A straight-forward, sensible, repeatable methodology to activate and sustain Talent Optimization™.

Learn How to Energize Inspired Teams

With Recruting/Right Fit, Management Effectiveness, Team Discovery and more.

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Track 1:

Track 1:

Predictive Index Science

(Build Basics)

Track 2:

Track 2:

Recruiting/Right Fit

(Build Accuracy)

Track 3:

Track 3:

Placement Decision Assurance

(Build Confidence)

Track 4:

Track 4:

Management Effectiveness

(Build Competency)

Track 5:

Track 5:

Employee Retention Management

(Build Trust)

Track 6:

Track 6:

Team Discovery

(Increase Impact)

How we Inspire Growth

The playbook is the team performance energizer that helps managers build
united Inspired Teams to succeed together, even when they are apart.

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