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Welcome to our Inspired Teams Resource Page. All resources are availble to view and download. If you need to use/edit a tool you will need to click on the download button at the top of your screen. The system will then prompt you on where you would like to save the tool. Once you save the tool you will be able to edit and use whenever needed.

Predictive Index Readback Tools

PI Readback Guide

Provides step by step instructions and the Do’s & Don’ts of providing a PI Readback.

Group Readback Slide Deck

Introduce PI with this slide deck overview while providing a Group Readback.

PI Readback Prep Sheet

This tool will gather in depth PI person data to provide a more detailed readback.

Factor Combinations 1-Pager

Learn how factors interact with other factors and how they are defined. 

Factor Combination Spreedsheet

Select factor combinations based on your profile to see how they are defined.

Job Target Tools

Job Target Guide

Step by step instructions when creating a Job Target including Do’s and Dont’s.

Attach a Candidate to a Job

Step by step instructions on how to attach a person to a specific job in the PI System.

Job Assessment Email Template

Inform stakeholders to expect an email from PI on how to complete the assessment.

Continuums of Expression

This PI designed matrix will help you to create Job Targets with pinpoint accuracy.

Video – Create a Job with Stakeholders

This PI video will walk you through how to create a Job Target using stakeholders.

Reference Profile Tools

17 Reference Profile Guides (2-pager)

Click on any Reference Profile to view/download and share profile insights.

Video – Understanding Reference Profiles

Learn how Reference Profiles are determined and what you can learn from them.

17 Reference Profile Video Links

View/share these short 5-minute videos that discuss each specific Reference Profile.

Team Discovery Tools

Team Discovery Slide Deck Overview

Understand the dynamic of Team Discovery. Show how to create, build, and align teams.

Leadership Team Objectives Printout

Each Leadership Team member selects their Top 5 Priorities prior to the workshop.

Standard Team Objectives Printout

Each Team Member selects their Top 5 Prioities prior to the workshop.

Video – Team Discovery Walkthrough

Learn the dynamics behind Team Discovery.

Video – Personal Development Chart 

Understand the benefits and uses of the Personal Development Chart.

Video – Management Strategy Guide

Learn to effectively manage an employee based on their behavior and needs.

Video – Coaching Guide

Help employees understand strenghts/gaps when compared to current or future roles.

Video – Relationship Guide

Learn how two individuals can get the most out of their interactons.



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