Talent Optimization


Hire the Right Candidate for Any Position

The Hire Solutionplaces a premium on designing the precise Job Target, truly understanding “right fit” candidates, interviewing them more rigorously, and reviewing people analytics that predicts how their personalities and behaviors will mesh with the established culture and “right fit” job target. The Hire Solution spots fits and gaps in aligning the candidate Behavioral Assessment to the agreed upon Job Target to create an Interview Guide to hire for more precise predictability of longer-term success.

Inspire Employees and Empower Managers


The PI Inspire Solution begins after you Hire a new employee and is there to Empower Managers  to foster stronger relationships. Increase Manager Self-Awareness using the  Manager Development Chart. Target strategies to manage a person using the Management Strategy Guide. Mentor  a person’s development using the PI Coaching Guide.

Design High Impact Teams

The PI Design Solution is a tool to help you Discover your Team Type so you Collaborate better then ever. Align on objectives  and unlock must-have insights to avoid your blind spot and hit your goals.

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