Understand what drives your people so they can take you where you want to go.

A Simple Methodology. Breakthrough Results.

People are a business owner’s most valuable investment. The Predictive Index® decodes the complexities of your people. The science-based methodology allows you to understand what drives workplace behaviors so that you can ensure alignment, drive your team’s success and achieve your business objectives.

Our daily actions begin with natural drives. Some drives are born in us and others are the result of experience and learning. Drives create needs and people behave as a response to meet these needs. When needs are met at work, performance, engagement and productivity increase, along with the company’s business results. The Predictive Index® methodology leverages science, technology and knowledge transfer to help you maximize the potential of your people and your company.

The Predictive Index® is not just an assessment, it is a philosophy that changes how companies think about their most valuable asset, their people. Developed over 60 years ago, this powerful critical thinking learning system is available in 140 countries and 80 different languages. As a Predictive Index® Certified Partner, Inspirit Growth has over 20 years of experience bringing the power of The Predictive Index® to companies just like yours and we are here to help you every step of the way.


Take the guesswork out of the selection process! Let PI help you attract, select, hire, and onboard only the best-fitting candidates.


Empower your team’s “Predict-Abilities”. Learn how to play into their superpowers and create an inspired culture with low turnover!


When leaders empower, teams perform. Give your team insights into better ways to communicate, understand each other and execute.


People are a business owner’s most valuable investment. Identify those with the natural ability to lead and learn how to help them develop into inspiring leaders.


Poor management and job-fit gaps are the underlying cause for poor sales results. Get to the root of your problem!


An intuitive Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, The Predictive Index® offers a number of easy to understand, science backed, and precision based tools that allow you to simply assess, analyze, and predict workplace behaviors so you can better execute on your most business-critical priorities. Each tool takes only a matter of minutes.

  • The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™ is the most effective, simple, and easy to use science-based behavioral assessment that provides an accurate depiction of a person’s core drives, and therefore insight into their natural needs and behaviors.
  • The Predictive Index Job Assessment™ captures the behavioral requirements of a specific role, while considering company culture and team dynamics.
  • The Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment™ measures an individual’s capacity to learn, adapt, and grasp new concepts in the workplace.


Hundreds of criterion-related validity studies across all jobs and countries, a normative sample of thousands of people, and millions of assessments taken over 60+ years have proven that business challenges large and small are no match for the scientific rigor and predictability offered by our workforce assessments.


Our assessment software allows you to easily define the behavioral and cognitive needs of a job, assess candidates’ workplace behaviors and learning capabilities, and instantly see how they match up – from anywhere, on any device.


As your Predictive Index® Certified Partner, Inspirit Growth is here to help you every step of the way so you can maximize PI impact and investment ROI. As workplace behavior experts, we facilitate our instructor-led management workshops designed to ensure the PI methodology is fully integrated across your organization.


Understand PI through the eyes of other clients:

Gentle Giant is a moving company based in Somerville, MA with offices and operations across the US. They have a workforce approaching 1,000 strong and a culture built on health, wellness, and teamwork. They are consistently ranked as one of the healthiest workplaces, best places to work, and are renowned for amazing customer service. In addition to ongoing corporate growth and expansion, Gentle Giant works in a seasonal industry and has to ramp up its workforce by 200 employees every spring to make it through the busy season.
The Predictive Index…
-Has allowed us to spend less time focusing on onboarding and training because we are able to make the best hiring decisions right off the bat.
-Takes a lot of the guesswork out of hiring and helps us make hiring decisions from 2,000 miles away.
-Helps us identify potential leaders, grow, and become a national brand.

The Granite Group is a wholesale plumbing, heating, and cooling supplies distributor headquartered in Concord, New Hampshire with 30 branches across New England. Their obsession with client service, their “most important product,” culture built on relationships, and the high standards they hold for their 475 employees has won them Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine’s “Supply House of The Year” Award. The Granite Group’s focus on people has allowed them to maintain these high standards while growing through a series of mergers and acquisitions over the years.

The Predictive Index…
-Adds in a dimension about our people that we were missing before.
-Allows us to filter through which candidates have the right behavior for the job.
-Has become a part of our culture, where people feel challenged and are in the right position.

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