Success Story:DiD Agency

“We never take enough time to sort through our competing priorities. Thank you for slowing us down, so we could think through our biggest challenges…and get to the solutions.”

Peter Kenney

Partner, DiD Agency

DiD is a specialized, full-service boutique healthcare communications agency. With the exciting vision for major growth, the challenge was to retain the “small agency feel” of the culture, while continuing to implement its “big agency” growth strategy. We worked with the Partners and the Senior Management Team to define a new 3-year Growth Strategy, and the elements of their strategy execution platform.

The DiD Growth Strategy has had an inspiring impact on the Company and its employees.  They are in control of their teams’ goals in thoughtful ways that ensure work is done “on strategy”, while clients are continuing to receive the highest level of quality service.

Success Story:Scully Company

Scully Company is a 60+ year old, 3rd generation business with 250 employees specializing in real estate management.  We met this family-run business as they were looking to successfully transition executive management responsibility from the second generation to the third. The third generation owner aspired to a sustainable future growth strategy.  We helped them build a clear, concise growth strategy and implement an execution platform that has been in use for over 6 years now which has guided them through the leadership transition.

The company has been able to maintain momentum and exceed their growth targets during the real estate recession. The ownership transition was successfully completed, and the third generation leader was recognized as the Philadelphia SMART CEO of the Year in 2012.

“I want to thank you for all of your help in making what we do a reality…and for the inspiring mantras you help us build. Thank you John, so very much.”

Jessica Scully

President, Scully Company

Success Story:Pine Island Cranberry Farm

Since 1890, Pine Island Cranberry Co. has been growing the highest quality cranberries in North America.  We met the Haines family in 2010 and they brought an ambitious vision:  to be the most efficient, highest yielding cranberry producer in the world.  We worked intimately with the family to further define their tradition of excellence and convert it into a sustainable growth strategy.

Today, Pine Island Cranberry Co. yields more than 320,000 barrels of cranberries per year and is one of the largest growers in the Ocean Spray Consortium.  The Haines family has been so successful that they provide best practice solutions to other cranberry farmers around the country.

“Inspirit Growth really cares about the success of our Company and our people. They definitely don’t have a one size fits all approach to Business Strategy development and execution. They listened carefully to find what works best for us. They made it easier for me to see our growth potential how it can happen AND pay for itself.”

Bill Haines

Owner, Pine Island Cranberry Farm

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