The Leadership Breakthrough™ is a 6 step “progressive critical thinking process” that strengthens and sustains Closely Held Company (CHC) unwavering leadership. This learning system is customized by each CHC to ignite the best version of leadership for existing and aspiring leaders as well as succession planning.

1. Leadership Assessments

A Leadership Insight Request is sent to the leader’s most respected advocates. Leaders learn specifically why others depend on them.

2. Resilient Leadership

Requires a clear understanding of a leader’s natural leadership behavior under normal circumstances. It also requires a clear understanding of how the same natural leadership behaviors react and become counterproductive in times of stress, challenge and/or crisis.

3. Resolute Leadership

Requires being adept in something called “Emotional Fortitude ”. This is not demonstrated well in most companies of any size from leaders to managers. It may well be the single most impactful ethical principle to consistently practice in business and life. 

4. Inspiring Leadership

Requires practicing a set of customized company-wide Inspiring Leadership Essentials. These are principles unique to the CHC that stir our souls as leaders and inspire our people.

5. Leadership Activation 

A quarterly leadership performance review called The Leadership Activation Plan keeps the leaders focused on the Company’s most essential leadership priorities for the period.

6. Leadership Reflection

This unique reflection insight puts us in a future period from now and asks us to reflect back on the progress that has to have occurred for us to have grown as an Unwavering Leader and made measurable Inspiring Leadership achievements.